(Remastered means I am editing and adding small or new details to the original pieces. Those original pieces were not on wattpad. Challenge level is how hard it will be to accomplish. 1 being easiest, 10 being hardest.)


The Bet (Remastered.) Challenge level 2

Forbidden (Remastered/rewrite) Challenge level  is a hot and burning 10!

The Problems With Originals (Brand New)

Forgotten Promise (Maybe. Shaky ground. It depends on if I finish Forbidden.)

Gundam Wing 

An Interesting Sense (Brand New)

-Trouble with the Truth (Remastered) Challenge level 3

-Trouble with the Truth 2: Time Marches On (Remastered) Challenge level 3

-And Then There Was Six (Remastered) Challenge level 3

Heero’s Trick or Neo’s Treats? (Remastered) Challenge level 3

The Wu Wufei? (Remastered, One-shot)) Challenge level 1

No Need For Girls (Remastered, One-shot) Challenge level 1

Yummy Milkshakes or Sour Pilots (Remastered, One-shot) Challenge level 1

What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen? (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge level 1


Best Man Steals the Bride (Remastered) Challenge Level 5. This gorgeous beauty once gained over 300 reviews before it was removed for songfic I think on ff.net many years ago. It will never achieve the same fame I am sure, but I’ll put my heart and soul into remastering it for each site, and each Inuyasha fan out there.)

The Feudal Fairytale Begins Again . . . (Remastered) Challenge Level 7

Minutes of Eternity (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge Level 1

Demon Pride (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge Level 1


Chameleon Protection: Easy posting updates

Inner Sense Tattoos: Easy posting updates

Unexpected Changes: Easy posting updates

Lesser Pretender: Easy posting updates

Jarod Hunter: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge)

The Centre Dolls: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge)


Under Prison Tale: Challenge Level 1, almost easy posting updates.

Momma Toriel Never Raised No Pacifist: Easy posting updates.

The Creature Known as Frisk: (One-shot) Easy posting update.

Shattered: Side Story to Reckoning Tale (One-shot, read after Reckoning Tale): Easy posting update.

Genocidal Pacifist: Easy Posting Updates.

Amalga-MATES: Pretty brand new. Easy posting but not many chapters yet.

Under Reverse Tale or Under A Second Chance Tale: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)


The Reward of Punishment (Brand New)


Song of Paradox: (Ocarina of Time/ Majora’s Mask. Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)

Breath of Decisions (Based on world of Breath of the Wild. (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)


Wrong Turn (Sonic.EXE horror.) (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)

To make sure no one gets confused that I am the actual author and not someone copying when I start adding original work, I will be writing something about this in my publishing channel descriptions at my actual book retailers. Definitely Amazon. It’s another reason why I will be sticking with one name in my publishing. 

Original Fiction (Fantasy with a touch of Scifi)

Apocalyptic Fairytale Serial (Remaster) Challenge Level 7. (Will be divided for publishing and paperbacking, but totally kept as one gigantic story on Wattpad. I will be adding pretty header images into it too.

Apocalyptic Fairytale What-If: (Remaster) Challenge Level 5.

Dark Water (Brand New)

Chicano Magical Academy (Brand New, Working Title)

Durango’s Little Mission (Brand New)

The Strongest of Them All (Working Title) (Remaster/ Rewrite/Brand New) Lots of editing, new parts. Challenge level 6. (I am going to write it, the way I’ve always wanted to write it.)

Three originals that are still in KU that I will be taking and rewriting for you to read for free. 

Possibly two other originals. It depends how it all goes.

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