I have tried adding books quickly before. It sounds easy. You can see how many books are already on the site alone. So why have I added a calendar?

Steady pace, like a syllabus. I brought conduit tale to here and wattpad in three days. That’s sixty chapters of copy and pasting info, twice. Meaning truly it was 120 chapters. Add to that all the several things I was adjusting on the site. My hands were starting to hurt and it was boring. And sixty is not my heaviest. I tend to write a lot of chapters.

However if I don’t add anything, it gets quite hard to want to get everything up. How hard? It took a day to write everything out in a paper and about three days to put out one scheduled month out. On the Calendar. Yeah. That was just writing names on a calendar. I have quite a lot to do!

And yet, I want to start new stories. I want to contine new stories and my alternates. That is why I created my site. So, by putting my pace to only a few things a day (the calendar only handles so many events) I can concentrate on my new content while letting others enjoy my older content (which is new to them).

Another great thing is if something happens like I feel sick, I have family priorities, wattpad isn’t working, etc. Then it is not that hard to catch up, and with a calendar, there’s no thinking. I know exactly what I need to do. I do better that way.

So I am sorry if you can see in a month that I don’t have your favorite story out when it should be completed. I am not lazy, I just have more than one work to put out, not to mention new stuff to work on. Which is fun.:)

If you see something that is a long way off, but should be done that you want. Please just email me and I will see what I can do.