Link searched for shrines and freeing the divine beasts before taking on Calamity Ganon, but didn’t search out his painful memories. To Zelda, this was a blessing once she discovered a terrible secret. Now that he is silently demanding to have his spot back, she will have to reveal that painful secret. A secret that will force Link to make a choice: Zelda’s safety or Hyrule’s loyalty.

Before Breath of the Wild 2. I have no idea how that would change things so I’ll just mention it. In this story, Link met Impa, Purah, Robbie, freed the Divine beasts, got his master sword, and did most of the shrines, but not all of them. He collected all but two memories, and he never had the final talk with Kass in Rito Village.

Chapter 1: Nutcake Girl/ Chapter 2: What Does He Remember?

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