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Why do you use videos on your posts?

Unless it’s a book post, I use a video because it keeps it looking better, and I don’t have tons of money to spring on stocked images. I just grab a youtube link for something I like that sort of fits the topic and off I go.:) It’s super easy with this layout.

Will you have everything here that you have ever done?

No! No because my fanfiction was terrible in the early days. If I hook it up, it would be to show how someone with average skill could become a writer if they wanted to be. Although I am far from a successful case so I don’t think that would help.:) To be successful, do everything I don’t do. LOL.

Also I will strictly be linking fanfiction in an easy to read fashion to the site(s) it is on. Only fanfiction in progress will be on here.

Original fiction in progress will not be on here.

As for my published books? Some. I mean? There are some I am proud of, that the world didn’t like. There are some with multiple versions of themselves. There are some that never fit me and I wrote it for the money (shameful yes but true.) There are some I like but are riskier against Amazon. There are some I published but I want to remake them better because the original story deserved better.

It is all a slow process anyhow. It takes time to move and fix my books and Serena Cooler profile to encompass everything I want to keep out. To devote the whole time would mean I couldn’t write. (I have to write, I’m a writer.)