under construction: serials and short tales about latinos in space.”

life became hard for so many people that i know, but yet i can’t reach or ee., so i am doing my part and helping to enourage others to write about latinos, by writing about latinos. please enjoy these tales. if you want to support me, they are available at other sites too. some are even free at other sites as well.



introduction: not too far in the distant future, an alien race comes in peace to see us. after being the terribly distrustful type we are, we find peace with them. they lend us some of their technology so that we can start advancing into space. however, it is not given to just one leader. the technology is spread around, thus the culture and languages of earth continue to exist into outer space, including for the chicanos. our stories take place mainly on the latino/chicano colonies of outer space.

These are in English, but there is some light Spanish. It’s not too hard. It’s designed to be easy to read.



short tales of chicano colony’s magical academy

Individual Tales no less than 7,000 words or more than 20,000 words.

tales of adventurers

Latino super powered heroes. This involves being on or off the Chicano colonies, but our heroes graduated or are involved with latino/chicano magical academies.