Melanie’s One Year Publish A Chapter A Day Challenge!

Find what will be expected at each site by August of 2021

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This is a challenge that I am setting forth for myself across all three of my favorite platforms. (Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad) I have been writing for many years, and as such, I’ve seen huge changes across how writing comes across with people.

So I have issued myself this challenge. Can I win? I hope so! Either way, my readers win! 2020 may suck, but my readers are going to be getting a lot of love this year and into the next from me. You guys are going to LOVE what comes out of this challenge.

I am nowhere near the LABeast, but sometimes people do need to challenge themselves. I love writing more than anything in this world besides my family. Yes, it even tops my favorite videogames. However, I have years of writing too, as well as small categories, that aren’t up to the standards I want them to be.

1. Every day I will be posting at least one full chapter (or wattpad segment) to a book across one or all of three platforms: Wattpad, Archive of Our Own,

2. I will remaster every old fic (2010 and below) that I still have, starting with my most successful. Even if it hurts. (IE, my Gundam Wing Humor.)

3. By the end of the year, all sites should have all fanfiction (and it should fit their site regulations.)

4. I will post at least one chapter/segment to my original fiction once a week, although I will strive for more

5. Once a month, I must have remastered at least ten chapters (or one-shots count as a chapter) for all platforms.

6. I must put out all exclusive stories that were on my site, and add them also into the challenge. I must accomplish this by month four of the challenge. At the end of the year, I must put back the fics that didn’t get much traction or love if they are unfinished, back up to my site.

7. I am allowed to start brand new stories, but I must put them back up only to my site at the end of the year if they didn’t get much traction, love or remain unfinished. Basically, they become exclusive.

8. Bonus Writing. This has more set details right above Exceptions area. You don’t have to mention or do anything. I will be keeping a spreadsheet each month to track this. If I have over ten comments or 10 kudos, or ten faves, or ten follows or ten bookmarks, or ten reading list adds, or ten votes, or ten subscribers, or ten mailing list subscribers in that field? Then I must post another chapter or segment to that story within one month of this accomplishment.

Details for question 8: The way to show favor differs from site to site. These tallies are only in line for Archive of our own,, Wattpad, and my mailing list. They do not combine. (Goal must be met at one of the sites but the new chapter will still be awarded across all sites.)

Comments across all sites count. Whether it’s called a review or comment. Multiple comments from the same person on one chapter/segment counts as one comment.

Kudos count from Archive of Our Own.

Follows count from only

Bookmarks count from Archive of Our Own

Reading List Adds are counted from Wattpad.

Votes are counted from Wattpad.

Ten subscribers are counted from wattpad

Ten mailing list subscribers are counted from wattpad, my site, back of my published books, social media, etc. It counts for only a book in that field. (For instance, if you wanted to be mailed every time Undertale news came out. Either a new story or chapter updates exclusively of Undertale) then of course you would count for me updating a chapter of one of my newest Undertales just for subscribing. 🙂 It wouldn’t apply to any other fields. I wouldn’t update Zelda and say it counted or anything.

Each time a goal is reached, it is upped by ten!

To ensure I don’t overburden myself on commitment, this is how it works.

A story reaches ten of something on a site. I schedule that story to be updated within one month (fast or slow.Extra kudos, faves, follows, comments, etc do not count toward the next month. (For instance, fifty bookmarks made in a month doesn’t mean you get anything more than one new chapter the next month.)

After it is posted only, the next tier to be counted is twenty. So twenty new comments, kudos, follows, faves, etc. After that is thirty. After that is forty.

As you can see, it isn’t something you should always strive for. It’s just an organic bonus. I write as I write, but this is a bonus I wanted to offer. It doesn’t mean I ignore all books that don’t meet it. On the contrary, I will be doing a lot of posting and writing. It just means that to reward my best stories/best readers that support me, I can do a little something extra for a push.

9. (This tally is across all sites. This tally does not include previous numbers before the challenge. This tally must be reached each time with new counts for comments, kudos, faves or votes after a chapter/segment is posted. (For example 50 faves in one month doesn’t equal a guarantee of ten chapters in a month or even one chapter for ten months. It only ensures a new chapter at the end of the month. New numbers (and new conditions)after the posting will go towards the counting. ) This ensures that reader participation is thusly rewarded. (I will still write for all stories equally across what I want. I love all stories, but this is a way for people to get what they want done the most.)

I win if I follow all the rules, get all my old works remastered and across all sites, and didn’t shy away from my original fiction and publishing.

Exceptions: Life is full of ups and downs, so it wouldn’t be healthy of me to not make exceptions. If I have a hurting wrist or hand or arm? I won’t have to post this day. This ensures I don’t overdo it on my health. If I am without internet locally (yeah, it happens sometimes. Not often but sometimes.), then I won’t be posting that day. If a site that I wanted to post to is not currently working, then I will not post. If I feel sick, unwell, have any kind of fever, then I will not have to post. I do have to make a note of it where I can to my readers though. (Like in the profile area.) Even with exceptions, all challenge conditions besides posting daily should be met.

This challenge is a challenge, but at the same time, it’s within my means. As long as I post something each day to at least one site, I am doing decently and every site is missing at least one story from another. None of them are equal. I probably have somewhere around 500 chapters to post just ‘as is’ already. So even without lifting a finger, it should be easy to have several easy days in between hard working days.

While it is great for readers, this challenge is definitely personal. Here is what I personally want out of it.

This challenge is supposed to do the following:

Encourage my readers to vote, comment, add to their library, message, kudos, follow, favorite or basically interact a little more by becoming more visible for them. This includes fixing my website, making a twitter, posting on facebook, fixing a grouped mailing list (where readers are only updated about the type of stories (like Undertale) that they care about and no others, and getting an Instagram.

When I first started, things were much easier. It’s no joke, a one-shot humor could very well get six comments in a few days. Site interaction was very big with guestbooks and tagboards on fan sites that used just html or easy free building sites (sort of the equivalent of wix?). When easy blogs (web logs back then) started to become popular, like wordpress, then everyone commented and designed new sites everywhere. It was harder to yell into the void now. I still have trouble yelling into that void, and I need to become more of a master on my social media, and start gaining on the new. This year I hope that I can feel more comfortable on the media but it can be hard. Especially right now where the wrong words could turn people away.

Integrate Melanie Ray the Writer and Melanie Ray the Author to Melanie Ray the person: Similar to the social, this helps let everyone see each aspect side of me. Especially in today’s society, people should be more aware of each other. I don’t want to hide as a pen name in one instance, and have something else going on in another. I have tried this before, and the separation has always felt wrong. However, I am also programmed to feel ‘wrong’ because of who I interact with on each side. I need to learn to tolerate and accept who I am, whether it is deemed woeful or pitiful to either side.

Get me to put my best foot forward in all things: It takes everything that I felt was wrong, didn’t get the real me across, or that needs vastly improved to be what it should be. I remaster older fanfiction for a reason. While I don’t change the original flavor, I know that I can do better. I will be starting with my more successful pieces that I wrote when I was a very amateur writer back in high school/college and giving them enough spit and polish, that I can be proud enough to distribute them to each site.

This also includes my original fiction. My original visions and characters, published the way I wish them to be. This is different than remastering, so the old ‘original flavor’ could (or should) be lost.

Make the sites more even, and provide more choice for different levels of readers. Create or recreate my work enough that it can fit each site. (This includes JAE which will take boatload of work because each song will have to become original to fit into rules.) I am an author though. I can do it!

It will help me accept my limitations in my original fiction: I am an excellent writer in some aspects, and poorly in others. I am limited in what I can do. The current atmosphere now doesn’t lend itself to success for people like me, so the only people out there buying my work have to be the ones who already get it for free. Buying is only a way of support, and/or reading a paperback of my original fiction.

I cannot compete with other authors. There is no such thing as free promotion that works long term without a lot of money and I don’t make money anymore. I place my daughter’s education and needs above a job and she attends school virtually through an academy. (She has for almost a year before the pandemic.) She needs me, but I still need to write. I still want to give my all, without feeling like I’m scum and I can’t afford the basics of copyeditors, development editors, custom book design covers, or the heavy tag that comes with promotion anymore. Only those who want to support me should be buying because everything I put out (even original) should have a way to be read for free. Even my individual stand alones are still free, just hiding inside my serial story. So who could complain?

I will be pricing books and those individual stories higher than usual too, to be more in line with the paperback pricing. That should keep the wrong kind of readers off me. I don’t want people picking me up as a ‘free download’. I am free for the readers who come to wattpad to read and interact.

Of course, Amazon might drop me to 0 later. I think that would be fine if I updated the inside of my book sample and biography. There is nothing else I could really do but that, and this is something I must accept too.

I will be able to appease readers and myself: This challenge is about emotionally coming to terms with who I am in the world. Recognizing and accepting my doubts. 2020 is a terrible year, no doubt, but I am making it my personal goal to become a better person and to give readers who are going through this miserable time, some wonderful reading material.

Can I beat this challenge? Even on my hardest days, there is a good chance I should be able to. Only time will tell, but I really hope I can!

For dedicated Wattpad readers who read everything, thanks. This is what you can expect to see new to here within a year. (Remastered means I am editing and adding small or new details to the original pieces. Those original pieces were not on wattpad. Challenge level is how hard it will be to accomplish. 1 being easiest, 10 being hardest.)


The Bet (Remastered.) Challenge level 2

Forbidden (Remastered/rewrite) Challenge level  is a hot and burning 10!

The Problems With Originals (Brand New)

Forgotten Promise (Maybe. Shaky ground. It depends on if I finish Forbidden.)

Gundam Wing 

An Interesting Sense (Brand New)

-Trouble with the Truth (Remastered) Challenge level 3

-Trouble with the Truth 2: Time Marches On (Remastered) Challenge level 3

-And Then There Was Six (Remastered) Challenge level 3

Heero’s Trick or Neo’s Treats? (Remastered) Challenge level 3

The Wu Wufei? (Remastered, One-shot)) Challenge level 1

No Need For Girls (Remastered, One-shot) Challenge level 1

Yummy Milkshakes or Sour Pilots (Remastered, One-shot) Challenge level 1

What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen? (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge level 1


Best Man Steals the Bride (Remastered) Challenge Level 5. This gorgeous beauty once gained over 300 reviews before it was removed for songfic I think on many years ago. It will never achieve the same fame I am sure, but I’ll put my heart and soul into remastering it for each site, and each Inuyasha fan out there.)

The Feudal Fairytale Begins Again . . . (Remastered) Challenge Level 7

Minutes of Eternity (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge Level 1

Demon Pride (Remastered, One-Shot) Challenge Level 1


Chameleon Protection: Easy posting updates

Inner Sense Tattoos: Easy posting updates

Unexpected Changes: Easy posting updates

Lesser Pretender: Easy posting updates

Jarod Hunter: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge)

The Centre Dolls: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge)


Under Prison Tale: Challenge Level 1, almost easy posting updates.

Momma Toriel Never Raised No Pacifist: Easy posting updates.

The Creature Known as Frisk: (One-shot) Easy posting update.

Shattered: Side Story to Reckoning Tale (One-shot, read after Reckoning Tale): Easy posting update.

Genocidal Pacifist: Easy Posting Updates.

Amalga-MATES: Pretty brand new. Easy posting but not many chapters yet.

Under Reverse Tale or Under A Second Chance Tale: (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)


The Reward of Punishment (Brand New)


Song of Paradox: (Ocarina of Time/ Majora’s Mask. Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)

Breath of Decisions (Based on world of Breath of the Wild. (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)


Wrong Turn (Sonic.EXE horror.) (Exclusive release from my site during challenge.)

To make sure no one gets confused that I am the actual author and not someone copying when I start adding original work, I will be writing something about this in my publishing channel descriptions at my actual book retailers. Definitely Amazon. It’s another reason why I will be sticking with one name in my publishing. 

Original Fiction (Fantasy with a touch of Scifi)

Apocalyptic Fairytale Serial (Remaster) Challenge Level 7. (Will be divided for publishing and paperbacking, but totally kept as one gigantic story on Wattpad. I will be adding pretty header images into it too.

Apocalyptic Fairytale What-If: (Remaster) Challenge Level 5.

Dark Water (Brand New)

Chicano Magical Academy (Brand New, Working Title)

Durango’s Little Mission (Brand New)

The Strongest of Them All (Working Title) (Remaster/ Rewrite/Brand New) Lots of editing, new parts. Challenge level 6. (I am going to write it, the way I’ve always wanted to write it.)

Three originals that are still in KU that I will be taking and rewriting for you to read for free. 

Possibly two other originals. It depends how it all goes.